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 Jessica Rivers

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RPG Section
Character Name: Jessica Rivers
Age: 27
Race: Witch

PostSubject: Jessica Rivers   Mon 13 Apr 2009, 4:44 am

Name: Kate

Character Name: Jessica Rivers

Character Age: 27 (Head Teacher)

Good or Bad: On the edge but more good than bad.

Roleplay sample (optional):

Jessica walked up towards the shiny object. Was it a ring? Or was it somethng else. She didnt know. Normally, she would run for help straight away. But not today. She was determined to decifer this for herself- Even if it was dangerous. What could she do? She had tried spells one after another to reveal its true identity, but to no avail. What would she do now? She didnt know.

Any other infortmation: Jessica is the odd one out. She is very smart, some call her a teachers pet, though she would never label anyone - least herself- with that title. She just wants friends. Very gifted. She has a hidden secret, she is part vampire. Nobody knows this though and she plans to keep it this way, although, will she succeed?
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Jessica Rivers
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